1. Minty Property Services is obligated to wash its client’s trash bin on the day in which trash has been collected.
  2. As the client, if the trash has not been collected on the day it is supposed to be collected; clients must try notifying us as soon as the trash has been collected, on the days that are not designated with the actual trash bin collection day.
  3. Payments must be done through electronic transfer; money will not be collected physically.
  4. As the client you will be given 4 different option dates in which you will choose to pay your monthly payments for the service being rendered to you; the client is obligated to pay the full amount owed on that specific day.
  5. If the client no longer requires the service and would like to cancel the service being rendered to them, the client must give us a 30-day notice period before cancelling.
  6. This contract is confidential documentation and can only be shared between the client and whom who will be assigned to represent Minty Bins.
  7. Minty Property Services will come in on the days in which clients choose in regards their payment option.
  8. As per client signature, he/she has agreed to these terms and conditions and has filled all required information truthfully.
  9. Minty Property Serviceswill provide their clients with free stickers with the client’s household number for their trash bins, so they don’t need to paint their trash bins.
  10. If trash bins are not taken out by the owner, Minty Property Services won’t be held liable for missing a wash.