No one likes a bad smelling and germ infested bin, Minty Bins is here to eradicate that entire problem with the assistance of our automotive bin washing machine which is integrated with our biodegradable products insuring that your bins are effectively cleaned looking brand new, producing a beautiful smelling fragrance and is in Mint Condition. Our machine enables us to effectively and efficiently wash 8 Bins at a time in less than 10 minutes.

“How we work?” – After leaving your bin outside for trash collection, leave the rest to us. We then swoop in and start the cleaning process, disinfecting the bin then polishing it, shining it and lastly fragrance it leaving behind a beautiful and clean smelling bin.

Our affordable Pricing:

Bin Cleaning x4: R40 per wash = R160 p/m

➨ Bin Cleaning X3: R45 per wash = R135 p/m

Bin Cleaning X2: R50 per wash = R100 p/m

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