At Minty Property Services (Pty) Ltd. We do not compromise on the service we offer, by insuring that we give our clients nothing but quality and efficiency, we have designed a reliable system that thoroughly disinfects bacteria and germs hidden inside and outside the trash bin, which exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Our main priority at Minty Property Services is to create a healthy and sanitary environment. By offering our clients with an extraordinary service, where we don’t just wash the bins but thoroughly disinfecting them, polish, shine then adding on a beautiful smelling fragrance afterwards. All of this is accomplished with the help of our Pressure Bin cleaning machine which is integrated with our bio-degradable products, insuring that all the bins are serviced with nothing but quality and providing our customers with a service that is beyond their expectations.

We are aware that people do not have the time to wash and disinfect their own bins reasons being is they are to held up with their daily responsibilities which keeps them occupied and the minute they do have the time their either exhausted to attend it or the bin is already half full which makes it almost impossible to clean it.

This causes a massive issue as the bins start to produce a discomforting odor in the area which smells atrociously. The bins attract vermin such as rats, flies and maggots. Individuals start contracting multiple illnesses such as salmonella which causes typhoid fever, food poisoning enteric fever not forgetting, respiratory diseases and other adverse health effects as contaminates are absorbed from lungs into other parts of the body resulting in people getting hospitalized. Everyone wants to live and visit places that value sanitary practices and if not they start considering relocation options.